Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sewing Basket

Have you ever heard of the fairy godmother?
I have a fairy mother in law! She read my post of dreaming about a new sewing basket and look what I got! this dreamy old little basket, perfect for my wooden bobbins.
I love the carmine red fabric.

I have collected a nice set of antique darning tools. One day I'll really have to learn how to mend my own socks. It takes painstakingly for ever to knit a pair so it will be worth it. I already have one favourite woollen skirt that needs mending after a firecracker exploded during New Years Eve.
I am sooooo grateful for youtube and all the people who are so nice to put their expertise in instruction films.

Thanks to a mild autumn, until this day the sucky thumb mitts RULE!
They are so great, keeping her small hands cosy and warm, lending a helping hand/mitten whenever she falls or decides to crawl over the playground. (She is still mastering the skill of walking.)
This is the second season they come in handy :-)


  1. love those mittens and so happy you're enjoying my pattern :)

  2. Long long time ago, somewhere in the late sixties or early seventies I found it in a second-hand shop in Veere, Zeeland

  3. Super cool. Makes it extra special and unique!


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