Thursday, May 24, 2012


You know how big gardening warehouses sell little dried out Christmas Star plants (Poinsettia / Euphorbia pulcherrima) at Christmas? They all stand there in lines in crates and most of 'em look kind of o.k. and the grabby crowd throws them in their carts anyway because it is Christmas. And then there are three or so standing there... Nobody wants them 'cause they are just to ugly by neglect, maltreatment and grabby customer hands that have hold them and put them away a thousand or so times....??????
You know? 
I am that person who will always adopt the most ugly of the bunch. 

I like to salvage things that have been neglected and give them a new home. 
And so I came to be the proud owner of my favorite wooden bowl, which has the destination of dough kneading bowl, dusty and covered in paint spots it was, and my latest foundling: my mezza luna. She was covered in a thick layer of rust and paint daubs here and there. 
After some tough love, which included the handling of various grind supplements, she has started her new life in our kitchen. 

Now I already praised pasta pesto in a previous post. But that will be what we are eating tonight. Finely chopped with our new "Mezza".


  1. many (i think even most) of our plants were these non-wanted plants. my hubby picks them up for cheap and then we nurture them to health.


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