Monday, July 11, 2011

Rag Rug completed!

It is finished, the rag rug is completed!

It was such fun making this piece!
Before I started on this rug I frogged my February sweater and was quite frustrated. After such an event there is nothing better than a sturdy rug with a big crochet hook to work on.
It took some force, real physical activity, pulling the cotton thread through the loops, and that was just what I needed to get my mojo going for the sweater again.

I am really happy with the result, and so is Miss E.  who deceided that the rug was just the thing for her room to play on, regularly shared by Miss Poes.
So the living room will have to wait a little longer for it's perfect rug. 
First I'll have to collect new basic materials, new/old cotton to rip and turn into balls of thread.

What I also love about this project is that it finishes in such a short time. It is addicting to work on.
To keep the rug flat I made it while I sat on flat surface, as the rug grew bigger I literally sat on it while making it. This way it was easy to see when it needed an extra stitch to add to the width of the circle.

I started with 6 loops, then crocheted the ends together and from there on started to work in circles.
Adding stitches is an intuitive process. When the stitch you are working on stands no longer direct above the stitch in the ridge below it but slants in the wrong direction, then you know you need an increase. When that happened I worked two stitches in one loop. As you go it is a good idea to flatten out the rug quite often to see if you're not  increasing too much or might need another increase.

I finished the rug with 32 circles it is 1.25 m in diameter / 50 inches and took approximately 2 sets of bed sheets incl. pillows and such.


  1. Karen, je vous souhaite la bienvenue sur ma page, ravie que les images qui m'inspirent vous intéressent....
    je pense à quelque chose qui peut vous plaire si vous ne l'avez pas déjà vu :
    c'est une pratique différente, je sais, mais !!....-:) bon week-end !

  2. Hello Karen,super cool rag rug you have made. And I love the glimpse of Miss E.
    Great to have found your new blog. Love and joy to you!

  3. I love your rag rug,my daughter really wants to make one of these,too, she has been asking me for nearly a year,I m going to show her yours,its lovely,what size hook did you use?xxx

  4. Hi, thank you all for your lovely comments.
    @ Toadstool house: I used a 10.0 mm hook and made the strips of fabric about two fingers wide, so that's about 2 inches. I love the fact that the fabric becomes so strong when you have crocheted it and that you can wash it at 100 C* if you prefer or must, because it's all cotton.

  5. Beautiful idea!!! Besos desde BsAs!


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