Friday, August 19, 2011

Mice for the felines.

This house has two roaming felines that keep a keen eye on everything that is happening here.
Now and then they need a fresh supply of mice, and I am happy to deliver.

This new batch is made of hemp string and sockcotton with a big dash of catnip. They love their mice best this way.
Success is also due to the long tails these mice possess.


  1. Hi Karen,
    these are so cute i am drawing little mices at the moment so these made me smile...
    I have been browsing your blog enjoying it very much; I particularly love your idea of a “niche”; my kind of place :)
    x sandra

  2. Thank you Sandra,
    I love your illustrations as well; they are sensitive and have a beautiful fragility. So I will be looking forward to seeing your mice!
    x Karen.

  3. Hi Karen,thankyou so much for finding me and being my 100th follower! I am going for a little look around your blog,now,But I have already spotted the mice and they are awesome!hope you have a lovely Sunday,best wishes,

  4. Thank you Julie, it was fun and an honor to be nr. 100 :-) xxx Karen.


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