Thursday, October 13, 2011

Knitting Lekker Zacht

She is finally finished, My February Sweater, or as we know her: Lekker Zacht, (nice and soft).
It took me for ever, I had to frogg her when I was at 1/3, and she taught me so much.
(I still have to block her.)

First of all that when doing a lace pattern, one should embrace the use of stitch markers. I first made some with a couple of contrasting pieces of wool, but soon decided I could do better and made these ladies:
I call 'em Lady Tears, inspired by a fairytale of a lady weeping at a stream.

Making my own markers has led to a reawakening of my passion for metal crafting so I'm working at various projects at the moment.

But back to Lekker Zacht. It is the first cardigan I made and it took me forever because I decided to do it in fingerling wool, so I started with 71 stitches, resulting in 218 after all the increases. And I'm not a fast knitter.
This cardigan has seen so many places, I took it everywhere with me, and I will cherish it for the rest of my life because of the memories that have woven their place within the fabric.
And Miss E, who is its current owner, also seems happy with it. I let her feel the wool when I was making the cardigan and she rubbed it against her cheek with a big smile, hence the name: Lekker Zacht.

So I'm quite happy and proud of the result.
And I loved to read the instructions and accompanying story of  E. Zimmermann.
(I got the pattern from Knitter's Almanac.)


  1. and should be so happy and proud! - i could not make something like this to save my life!
    xo sandra

  2. A lovely Cardigan you made for the little princess. I guess I have to use markers next time aswell, this far I always let it be witn contrasts yarn. Always nice with something pretty aswell to look at while knitting.
    Tomorrow I will try your ginger bread, I still have half a fresh root ginger laying in my kitchen, I think it will fit well into your cake :)

  3. Mjam! Mia that sounds like a very tasty idea, putting some fresh ginger in the bread, do tell me how it has worked out!

  4. Very very lovely.
    I like the patern.


  5. Kan miss E. nog knuffeliger zijn? Wat mooi, dat kan ik niet, naar een patroon breien. En je steek dingetjes zijn super. Fijn weekend, groetjes!

  6. What a sweet story behind the sweater's name.
    And it looks great! I would never dare knitting something like that, looks way too complicated for me :)


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