Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thrift finds: Wooden Bobbins

I love second-hand materials. And I totally love these wooden bobbins that I have found at a thrift store. My current sewing box is falling apart out of pure misery. It is a small thing. Now it is time for a "new/old" one to be found. I can already imagine these wooden bobbins in it!

What I love about second-hand craft materials is the idea of memory embedded in the tools, by their previous owners, the skills and love they used to make beautiful things with them. 
I hope some of that skill will pass on to me while taking these treasured tools in my own hands. 

And there is nothing like strolling on a flee-market or second-hand store, it's my favorite way of shopping. You never know what you'll find and there is such a diversity!


  1. I must admit that it is a better way of shopping, it has a lot of surprises when you have an eye for it. Nice find!

  2. Hi Karen, just calling round to say thank you for visiting the Land of the (sometimes tearful) Strawberries! I am in awe of your blog and your talents, however, and am most humbled that you did visit! Hedgehog in the Fog much better viewing by far than any of the broadcast alternatives this evening!


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