Thursday, January 12, 2012

First week of a New Year

As it is becoming a new tradition, the first week of the new year started with a concert in the little chapel; a lovely place and a perfect mood to start a fresh year.
It's a perfect place to do some serious new discoveries like holes in a drain well, where will they lead? 
New buds promising a spring that is still far away.

 And when you go there you wear your new hat of course, the first finished knit in this first week. 

A hat that is very comfy inside and outside, while the whole family is recovering from the first cold of the year. 

With a mama trying to Grog it off, but with no result, alas. 

But hey, with some comfort food like fresh lasagna, what a beautiful week it was!


  1. it’s very cosy in your post today! a nice start to the year indeed. hope the cold goes away fast...
    xo sandra

  2. Miss E.'s hat is so cute! Get well soon dear mummy!

  3. Dear Karen, all your photos are very beautiful. I wish you that all your days in new year were gone happy and healthy like your last week..

  4. Thank you all for your kind words, they sure helped! We’re all feeling much better: cold nr.1 has passed and we are ready for some serious snow time!


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