Monday, January 23, 2012

It's in the bag.. eh... basket

Do you remember the cotton yarn I made? Well this is what has happened with it. 
Miss Poes badly needed a new basket and I decided to make her, her own chocolate peppermint Rag rug Cat Basket.
She received it a few days before Christmas. She just couldn't wait. (That's why she's posing with her festive neck attire.)

"Cause she won't tell you, but if you look at her closely while she's lying in the sun, you'll see she isn't black at all, but a dark deep chocolate brown instead. She loves the smell of dried peppermint leaves, so this cat basket suits her perfectly.

I crocheted it with a hook nr 10 or US N/P. 
Both miss Poes and I are very content with the outcome.

It is a very simple oval design, almost round, and the great thing about it is that I can throw it in the washer without a blink! It is made of re-used cotton that is so thoroughly washed that it will stand a heat of 100 C if it must. 

So there you have it, although a bit late... Miss Poes early Christmas present.

Next post will be a tutorial for those interested.


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