Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tutorial Rag Rug Cat Basket (crochet)

One skein of cotton yarn of approximately 600 grams in color A (my choice: peppermint blue)
One skein of cotton yarn of approximately 600 grams in color B (my choice: chocolate brown)
Cotton yarn is made out of strips op approximately one inch wide / 2,54 cm.
A hook 10 or US N/P
In this case this made me a basket that is 44,5 cm / 17,5 inches wide and 35,5 cm / 6,8 inches high.

This is what I did:
I made an oval bottom and a wide rim, which you fold inward so you have a double edge.

Now I use free style in crochet, so I don't follow a strict pattern here. (With re-used cotton yarn that even isn't really possible I think.) So for the bottom what's important is that you look at how your stitches are acting; if they curl too much to the left or right, you know you need to add or lose an extra stitch. It helps to keep your project as flat as possible so you can see clearly if your stitch lies neatly above the previous row.
Pull the fabric flat so you can see if there is any tension, if so then add another stitch by making 2 stitches in one loop.

I started out with a string of 7 stitches, followed by a row of six (using the 7th stitch as side stitch) and started to crochet in the round, making a nice oval.
When the bottom had a diameter of 20 stitches (10 rounds), I decided that the basket was big enough and I started with the rim.

The rim is 18 rows high. The bottom is made in chocolate. 
The rim is made in:
6 rows of blue, 
one brown row, 
one blue row, 
one brown row, 
5 rows of blue, 
4 rows of brown.

Ending with the brown makes the rim blend nicely with the bottom when folded back inwards.

You make a rim by not increasing another stitch and follow the last row of stitches of the bottom upward. Make it as high as you like, twice the height of what it actually should be, and fold it in half, inward.

This basket slouches a bit, so if you want to keep it tighter you can add padding in between the two edges, or you can decrease a stitch here and there as you see fit.
All is made in double crochet. For the bottom I make a stitch through one side of the loop, that gives an edge on each row, for the rim I made a stitch through both sides of one loop to gain a thicker structure.

Of course you can make it smaller by making the bottom 8 or 9 rounds, or wider if you like for a large cat or a dog. For miss Poes, who is a small feline, the basket is luxuriously wide.

If you have any questions or comments, leave me a comment. I would love it if you send me a link to your finished basket. Have fun!

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