Tuesday, March 6, 2012

In my workspace

There is no question about it: things just don't get done without supervision of miss Poes. 

The only way to get things done is with miss Poes on my lap, right there where the action is, although she misses most action while slumbering away. Half of the time we co-create, the other half I'm crawling on my knees, trying to find a missing part of a mobile, of which she decided it looked like a mouse and needed to be tossed here and there. Now if that isn't the art of trying to find a balance!

But I can proudly say we were having a very fine creative and productive February and March so far. Three new mobiles have found there way into existence and into my Etsy shop, so go and have a look!
I'm very curious what you think of them. 


  1. Lovely work and... such a sweet helper!!! :)

  2. Your mobiles are supercute. To me they look like real fairy playgrounds. I'm sure it makes a room more magic.

  3. My new slogan: no money for a do-over of your room: hang a mobile and get instant balance!

  4. Karen, they look gorgeous! Your Etsy pictures are lovely.

    1. Thank you for your critique my dear friend!


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