Wednesday, April 18, 2012

In my workspace

Sometimes it is essential to leave your comfort zone. 
Sometimes the only way to do that is by opening up to the view of someone else.
And then the magic happens...

When I'm stuck I have the opportunity to ask for a creative brainstorm-session with my husband. His hands can make anything he dreams up. It doesn't hurt to let his experience as a goldsmith, his creative and scrutinizing eye, brush over my thoughts and projects. 
To leave my comfort zone, meant for me, to embrace the art of soldering. 

It is like a breath of fresh air storming into my life, opening up so many more opportunities. So many more paths to explore. 

And this is where it led to: two different versions of a crane-like bird, soaring through the sky. Probably finding it's new home in the Niche of our House. 

So I'm off... 
My creative well has been refilled and I'll be busy for a while chasing all those new ideas, taking flight, skimming over the endless landscape of my minds possibilities. Wishing you a lovely day!


  1. What a gorgeous post Karen. And your bird is lovely too! x

  2. What a lovely post...and it is so true, "The magic begins when we leave our comfort zone".

    1. Hi Meggie, and I know, I should leave it more often.The more you practice the easier it becomes to do. Thanks!

  3. O wauw, Karen. Dat is zooo sierlijk en elegant.
    Geweldig dat je het aandurft om Ludo's skills in the mix te gooien.


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