Tuesday, May 1, 2012


It was a very busy and extra long weekend for us, so there was a lot of serious Weekending to be done.
Yesterday it was Queens Day or Koninginnedag in celebration of our queen and a national Holiday.
Every where in the Netherlands there were flea markets, mainly occupied by mothers and their children, selling the toys and kids stuff they have out grown, including the contents of cellars and attics. 
When I was four I stood on a flea market selling my toys with my big nephew and when she is old enough it will be miss E's turn and I will be one of the moms overseeing the spectacle. 

This year we went into the hunt with one special item on our wish list: a nice seat for Miss E. and scored within the first hour to our content. We are two vintage school-seats richer and one mom somewhere is celebrating the space in her home with two seats less.

There were picnics to be had: scones with Mascarpone and jam, quiche with grapes and cucumber and cherry tomatoes. So there were also a few late night baking sessions.

The day before it was Spring Festival on the mountain. The shepherd brought his flock and lambs that were born that same morning to see and touch. There were all kind of ecological market stalls. 
And now this busy mama is going to close her eyes and count some sheep herself. It was a wonderful weekend; I hope it was the same for you too.


  1. Karen that all sounds and looks so lovely! Glad you all had such a brilliant weekend. x

  2. Dear Karen your pictic food seem so delicious and very nice.. Very good picnic....

  3. How nice! Sounds like you had a great weekend! :)

    I came over here from the European Street Team on Etsy. Nice blog!

    1. Hello Laura, thank you. Nice to meet you!

  4. Sounds like nice traditions: all! I often wish we had more traditions here in the States, and fewer commercial "holidays". Especially love scones and jam!

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