Sunday, July 1, 2012

For the love of food...

I guess it was the relaxed vibe my dad had when making his famous tomato salad that taught me to love food and cooking as a kid.
He was a busy busy businessman. But in the weekends when he had wound down a little he made his salad, or croissants for breakfast, and he really took his time and was content. Seeing him prepare and taste food with such joy and sharing it with us, taking the time to teach me as a four or five year old how to cook and slice, those are a few of my fondest and earliest memories.
That is what represents family life for me.

Today I have a two year old daughter and I let her play and watch in the kitchen. I show her what I'm doing and let her play with tools and ingredients. Food should be fun, no fight, so she eats with us, as much or little as she wants. I put on her plate what we are eating, so she is always free to taste it, no pressure and a lot of encouragement.
To me it's all about the vibe, the atmosphere you set. Make preparation, cooking and eating a thing you share with whom you love, get everybody involved and have good times. The pallet will follow.

How do you instill love of food with your small ones? What are your recipes for success at letting them taste new flavors?


  1. Hi Karen! I also loved to discover your blog. One of our favourite dishes in Greece is greek salad- a mix of tomatoes, cucumber, oignons, green pepper, olives, greek white cheese and olive oil. It is very light, healthy and rich in vitamins- great meal for kids too esp. accompanied with a slice of whole wheat bread.
    Have a great Monday and week!

    1. Hello Stephania, thank you for the recipe, I know the bread and cucumber will be favourite with miss E. I'll soon give it a try! Have a lovely week !

  2. Great memories! Tara loves to bake now, that is so nice and jummie. The way you let your little one eat and help is the best. No stress :) You have a great week to!

  3. So lovely that you have these memories as a are doing a wonderful thing for your daughter!


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