Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Some desperate needed knitting on the way

I have this strange need to knit socks, especially in the summer. As soon as the temperatures rises and the sun comes out to play you can find me in the park or on the playground (most of the time bare feet in the sand, I am often quicker with putting my toes in the sandbox than my daughter is). In my hands there will be some knitting needles with part of a soon to be sock dangling on the ends. I think socks are the ultimate knitting project on the go. They fit easily in my handbag and accompany me on most adventures miss E. and I undertake.

My most recently finished project is my "Hollandse Nieuwe", a herringbone pattern sock with a Dutch heel. And on the needles there is the second leg of the legwarmies, favourite to miss E. Her first pair is worn grey, and now she walks through the house with just one polar leg 'cause mom hasn't finished the second yet.

So I'll be busy finishing that second polar leg this night, so my little bear can growl contently through the house tomorrow.
What are your favourite summer knitting projects?


  1. Hi dear Friend, I like your knitted socks so so much.. I don't know to knit socks but I can crochet socks. I must learn how to knit socks..
    I agree with you. Knitting socks are the best thing on summer days..
    All best wishes...

  2. You see, that's exactly right- it must be the portability of such a project that suits summer, and all its transitory activities, so well! I am but a novice crochetesque person, but already the three projects on the go require great bags to accompany them; not good when a ferry and two driving days await! BUt it's the ability to knit the socks that I most crave!

  3. Dear magsmcc, I would recommend you to just give knitting socks a try, the hardest part is getting a hang of holding the needles, which is a trust issue. Your work will stay on the needles and won't fall of and then you can relax your grip and it will go better. Also the first six rounds are tough but then your work will have found its shape and the hardest part is over. Socks were the first thing I made when I started knitting and knowing how to knit circular is pure bliss. Then you can knit anything!

  4. Hi Karen! Thanks for commenting & following! I really appreciate it a lot! Great Esty store! Following you back obviously!


  5. oh boy, i put my crochet hook away when the sun comes out! lol
    but it sure is nice to have those socks ready for the cold weather.

    my bare feet are always first into the sand..... ;)


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