Thursday, September 13, 2012

DIY toddler bracelet

As soon as miss E. was able to reach for something, she displayed a great interest in jewelry and adornments as a baby. Girls will be girls.
Thus the need arose for a baby and toddler proof bracelet. One day I caught her playing with a cardboard roll from kitchen towels and so these bracelets came in to our lives. There are a dozen or so roaming through the house. You can find some under the table, in her toys basket, in her jewelry box etc. Together we have been making maybe a hundred or so of these bracelets. And I felt the need to show you this important accessory before she outgrows it. 

What makes them ideal is the diversity in design, and the beeswax crayons from Stockmar we use to colour them with. These crayons are nibble friendly for baby and toddler teeth, non toxic. And in the creative process anything can happen. So almost all of them have earned their nibble marks.
As a new edition we're adding paper ad-ons with some glue. "Plakken" (gluing) is the new trend this summer and fall. Just so you know ;-) 

Wishing you a lovely day!


  1. Those bracelets are the best!
    Love to you 2 girls.

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    Thank you,


  3. Hello Ali, nice to see you here, welcome :-)


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