Monday, September 3, 2012

Antiques Market

The chestnuts are steadily growing on the trees at the playground, so that means it is time for the annual antiques market in town. This Sunday it was time to spend all that carefully saved pocket money (BIG grin!!!)!

And people, let the baking season begin! I found a whole bunch of lovely kitchen utensils.
I guess soon it will be meringue time. With those whisks that will become peanuts. It has a lovely little nut wood handle that charmed me away.
I also found a nice cooling rack, so now there will be plenty of room for cooling fresh baked cookies.
And my personal topper, the one I was hunting for: The Madeleine baking moulds. I needed some that would fit my too small oven. I'm not only a little city mama, but a little kitchen mama as well I must confess.
That leaves us with the lovely art deco glass bowl I found. It is a Val Saint Lambert bowl and it is such a deep and rich yellow... it was love at first site. Strange for me, because normally I don't have an eye for glass. I'm more into pottery and glazes.
The bowl proudly adorns our dinner table. Now what to do with it... fruit bowl...salad bowl...desert bowl?


  1. Oh gorgeous finds! Looking forward to seeing what you bake now. x

  2. i'm thinking dessert bowl, something with honey in it. or an "everything" bowl because it's so pretty :)

  3. That whisk is supercool!

    And madeleines are so yummie,
    I'm looking foreward to colder days,
    and use my oven again.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Love your finds, esp the madelaine trays - so small and cute.


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