Monday, July 9, 2012

Hanging mobile, a story.

I started this blog out of a desire to find a bit of balance in my life again.
I studied Art at the Academy, got my degree in Fine Arts, started painting, sculpturing, making installations. Then I tried to market and sell my art, which wasn't that easy as I soon found out.

To keep my head up and earn a living I had a parttime job in telecom. I tried to make an earning by working at an art centre, as hostess and keeper of an artbookstore, but found out that earning an honest living in that department was also a challenge.

So the selling part and art appeared to bring conflict in my life. I met the love of my life, got married, turned 30 and found myself in my quarterlife crisis, the point at which you find that you reached the point where you are assumed to Be somebody instead of Becomming someone. And the dream and reality weren't on one line.

Then I became a mama, that turned my life totally upside down, no time for petty crisis, hormones raging, life fullfilment all pointed on keeping this little miracle comfortable and happy. Becoming a family, finding a new role in that. So life changed my perspectives drastically a many few times over.

Maybe that's just how it is supposed to be...
I am still stumbling, but am learning to enjoy myself while going upside down for the x-th time.

So I started this blog in the hope that it would reflect a little of who I was, where I am going, what matters in my life and maybe meet other people who reflect a littlebit of that same journey.

And in all that has happend this need appeared; to make mobiles, to bring the complexity, the richness, the new, the organic, the bounty and the surprise outside and into one tangible object. And that is how these mobiles came into being.

I have them hanging in several spaces in our home and I find that they bring me balance in my emotions, in my feelings. They do exactly that which the need that brought them forth asked for:

" They remind me of the richness and the complexity of my life and that, though I may not be able to understand which way I am going or hanging, be it right be it upside down, I am one with my life and it is organic and beautiful."


  1. Hi dear Karen, I understand you very well. My life is maybe some similar with your life. Maybe some diffrences of course. But I Found myself by blogging. That's true. My life was going so bad. I have some illnesses and I am very far from my daughter and my mother for more than 10 years.. But I began blogging and I met REALLY REALLY amazing friends. You know Blogging friends are real friends that understand you very well..
    I am 43 yeArs old. I don't know when my life will be finished.. But I am very satisfied that I MET GOOD PEOPLE HERE..:))
    All best wishes and Blessings to you and your family...:))

  2. Thank you Becks for this heart felt comment, it moves me. Wishing you well my dear friend.

  3. Just like the mobiles grow and change their balance every time you tie a new part to it, life changes us in such unexpected ways as we travel the winding path {{{Karen}}}

  4. I started my blog because I wanted to prove I could write one...even this late in my life. I have found so much more than I ever expected. The blogging friends have touched my life in more ways that I could ever imagine. I'm so glad I have found you...your post today really touched me!

  5. Mooi geschreven... zo persoonlijk


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