Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer break

Well, it wasn't my intention to take a summer break in blogging, but it just happened. The weather lured me into picnics in the park, which meant a lot of baking and salad making. Picnic breads and quiches ruled our days, covering the kitchen in a cloud of flour dust. And then there was this other little thing that turned my living space upside down and covered everything with a white cloud of something totally different: knauf...stucco...plaster...
Let me introduce you to my favorite demolition team:

On a quiet pre-summer day there was silence in the house. Being a mom I should have know that silence means trouble, but I never imagined it coming in pairs...
The silence was soon disturbed by a ripping sound. By the time I discovered where it came from half the wall had lost its wallpaper. Now I agreed that we wanted to change it some where in the near future, but this was a little nearer than I imagined. The excuse: " I (my love) wanted to know what was behind the paper." It took him half the wall to find out... No turning back now and I must confess it is turning out beautiful!

So there you have it, our summer project: redoing the upper hallway of our house.

1 comment:

  1. That must be the cutest demolition team ever! Picnic breads and quiches, yum yum. Enjoy your new wall.


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