Friday, August 31, 2012

Tortano, picnic bread of the year!

Ha! As I told you in my last post; it is a summer filled with picnics in the park for us. And I love to share what is the best picnic bread for us this year: the tortano.

Soft, moist, delicious and filled with what ever suits your taste of the moment. It is a bread made with normal flour and durum flour, which makes it rise perfectly. You can fill it up with what ever you have left over in your pantry or in your fridge, so budget wise it is a real topper. I found the recipe for the tortano in: "One more slice." by Leila Lindholm.

I think this bread will make it through the summer into the next seasons, because it is an easy bread to make with a healthy filling and it is toddler proof. Miss E. eats it to the last crumb, filling and all, because it is bread and she loves bread!

This tortano I filled with mozzarella, roasted courgette, red paprika, basil and sun dried tomatos on oil.

What has been your favorite picnic recipe this year?


  1. How simply perfect....I will give this bread a try. It would be great served with a bowl of soup.

  2. omg, you made me hungry! Love how it looks so much!


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