Sunday, February 10, 2013

Kitchen favorites

I'm having a great time perusing Pinterest these days.
Now it is cold and that draws me to the kitchen and the stove. I love how images can bring you to new taste and flavor sensations. And I am totally in love with these two recipes:

Pickled Radishes by David Lebovitz

and Pickled Blueberries found on

I love to put a few berries or radishes on my cheese and ruccola sandwiches. 
What are your best finds this year?


  1. Pickled Bleuberries sounds so strange to me. Please let us know the taste if you make them!

  2. Well they ARE strange...sour, sweet, salty, a little bit of onion pzzzzzassss and then as a last note the berry sensation. Very strange, but I like it.


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